Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Greece 2020 Italy


A dash cam of the journey through the Frejus Tunnel from France.

A drive through the mountains and  a trip through the Frejus Tunnel and before long we were in Italy. Heading for Asti and a camp site on a terrace over looking the vineyards. Camping Asti International. A beautiful day in a lovely spot.

We decided to take advantage of the sun and stay for a couple of days. We had a great pizza in the restaurant and the next morning wandered up the hill to the village. A typical Italian local place we had a look around and bought bread in the local shop. We also stopped at the wine bar and tried the local Asti wine. On the way back I sneakily tasted the grapes in the fields, they were incredibly sweet. 

A wander around the vineyards.

I only tasted two, the carrier bag was for the bread.

Settled in at Asti for a couple of days.

Feeling rested and tuned into Italy, the next morning we were on our way to Bologna for a one night stop on the way to San Marino.

Bologna is a convenient half way stop to the coast, easy to find just off the ring road. Usually we would have taken the bus into town but thought we should avoid towns and too much bus travel this trip. An uneventful night stop just a few too many biting creatures here! ( They do a mossie spray from time to time)

The Republic of San Marino, strictly not Italy. We found the campsite with ease, Madam Satnag was on good form this morning. A good restaurant, very reasonably priced and we were set for the next two days. Of course we did the trip up the mountain to San Marino Town, by bus. It was extremely busy and crowded. As we had seen most of the sites we did a quick tour, some window shopping and had a lovely cool drink in a shady bar. Not as many tourists as last time but still busy so we opted out of lunch and went back to the campsite for a rest!!

Nice pitch at San Marino relatively quiet.

A view from the top.

Wear comfortable shoes it says on the tourist info site. Do the locals know? Lots of beautiful people around in expensive clothes and shoes!

Social distancing! This concert looks like it may be fun.

Sign of the times. Says it all really!

Next stop Ancona and the ferry to Greece.

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