Saturday, 29 August 2020

Greece 2020 France

 We had booked our crossing to Greece way back pre Covid, in December last year. With Foreign Office restrictions lifted for travel to Europe we decided to go. We left on the 11th, by the 14th quarantine from France had been introduced. Never mind, we were already in France and apart from the masks and gel, life seemed much as normal. Very few Brits about, they were all racing back to avoid quarantine.

A short dash cam of the journey through the tunnel.

A quiet ride through the tunnel and we were soon safely settled in at Les Erables. Beautifully hot weather and lovely surroundings we decided to stay for a few days.

As it was our wedding anniversary we treated ourselves to a fabulous meal in the village.

We even went for a paddle in the sea. It was beautifully warm.

The white cliffs of France looked as good as Dover. The beach was busy but not packed with plenty of social distancing going on.

Our next stop happened by accident. We were heading south so in the right direction. A few complicated finger tapping and OK I got it wrong! We ended up in the champagne vineyards at a nice little Municipal site at a place called Dormans, West of Rhiems, Camping Sous Le Clocher.

A dash cam of the journey. 

 Only 15 Euros a night and another 16 Euros for a beautiful bottle of local champagne. A great one night stop, even though the Gendarmes were called to expel a noisy group of Belgians Entente Cordial gone out of the window. Still it did provide some entertainment. Still on the way South our next stop would be Beaune.

Arrived at Beaune after a fairly uneventful journey. A good 2 night stop. The site restaurant was good value for money and we went for a short walk into town.

Beaune is certainly somewhere we will come back to. Unfortunately everywhere was crammed with little covid awareness. People were wearing masks but tables were very close together and people were queuing. We decided not to push our covid luck!

A dash cam of the journey to Beaune. 

Dash cam of the journey to Annecy.

Our final stop in France was back to Lake Annecy where we really enjoyed it last year. Much quieter on the site we met up with a friend and had a very enjoyable dinner by the lake. The bike trail from the campsite was a good one but very busy we managed a few good rides in beautiful surroundings.

Love this site at the south of the lake. Not too busy off season and the air here is wonderfully clean. Our last stop before moving onto Italy.

Hard to beat beautiful scenery like this especially on a hot sunny day.