Monday, 7 September 2020

Greece 2020. Ferry from Ancona.

 We were slightly apprehensive about getting the ferry to Greece. We had booked it in November As it turned out we didn't need to worry. Organisation at the port was relatively stress free, infact probably easier than last year as there were fewer travellers. We drove from San Marino , an easy drive that took just over an hour. We had filled out the Greek entry forms online before we left home and as we had the e-mail confirmation it made things relatively simple. The entry forms asked for a place we would stay, so we just used our first camp site address. 

Loading this time was straightforward and the ferry actually left on time. No Brits on board, mainly German campers and lorries. There was loads of space on the car deck.

Dashcam getting on the ferry for Patras from Ancona. Camping open deck.

The ferry was very clean, with sanitisers well in evidence. Masks had to be warn on board and there were regular messages reminding people! We had a meal in the canteen and later breakfast the next morning in the restaurant. We didn't think the food onboard was over priced and with our Anek Smart Card ( obtained last year ) we also got a discount! 

Goodbye Italy! We will be back in a month.

All in all, it was a pleasant trip if somewhat hot. We were so pleased with our fan, having an electric hook up meant we could leave it on all night. Camping on board, highly recommended! You are given an electronic pass to access the car deck and there is all night security.

After a good nights sleep in our own bed, we were ready for Greece. First stop for the boat was Igoumenitsa. We watched the unloading from the top deck in the sun. We were going on to Patras another 4 hours.

Hello Greece!

Unloading at Patras was quite easy this time. We had to turn on the deck but there was plenty of room. We had received our Q Code on our phone ( from our entry form) during the night. This was checked as you got off the boat. Well done the Greek Government your system works. As we left the port we were told to queue for a quick Covid test. No messing about here! The staff were all gowned up, a chair and table at the customs point and a quick throat swab taken. Painless and super quick.We should have asked what happened next, but we never received a phone call or e-mail so we guessed we were Covid free. Interestingly, most of the people being swabbed were non- Greeks and very few Germans. I suppose with a UK number plate we were bound to be picked!

Soon on our way to  our first Greek campsite. 

Dash cam of our journey to the campsite Kato Alissos.

A long journey but worth it for the sun, now in the 30's.Sun, sand, sea and Greek wine. Can't wait.

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  1. Enjoy guys and thanks for the info ,keep the blogs coming