Thursday, 5 March 2020

Winter Sun 2020. Kiko Park. Spain

Our next destination. Kiko Park, near Olivios. A large expensive site by the beach. Home for 9 nights in a part of Spain we had not been to before. We were amazed by the profile of Benidorm and the built up areas along the coast. 

Olivios is a small lesser known Spanish resort more geared up to the Spanish I would think. Saying that, the site was full of huge German campers. Our little Krystal was dwarfed! However, small is beautiful and perfectly formed! There are bars and restaurants in  the town and a big Lidl and Mercadona all in walking distance. On Friday mornings there is a big market, one of the best I thought for fresh fruit and vegetables.

We did have a laugh when our German neighbour opened his rear garage.

Slightly extreme we thought!!

Kiko Park was very busy with a late leaving time of 3 pm. We arrived at 2.50 pm to be greeted with a "we are not moving till 3!" Eventually they left and we moved in. A friendly start!

The campsite was clean and tidy the pitches were big enough once you got on them. Showers were usually hot and washing up sinks were plentiful, hot and indoors. Electric was metered and we got 4 kw  free, more than that and you pay at the end. 

The beach was beautiful with very fine clean sand with miles to walk.

A big clean up was going on from the previous storms.

Olivios town was a short bike ride or a 20 minute flat stroll away.

Very Spanish. We watched a local Lent procession. Walkers carried a heavy frame and passers by put food onto it. Accompanied by the local band.

We climbed up the hill following The Stations of the Cross, up the Calvary Hill to the castle. A big climb not one the Health & Safety Elves would approve of I'm sure!

Once up at the top of the hill, the castle is a bit under whelming. Fabulous views though.

We took a quick route down and found a local winery for some sustenance. 

Fame at last for Olivia. Apartments for under 60 k and a mention in "A Place in the Sun".

Would we go back to Kiko? Possibly! We liked the fact it was not a very commercialised area living on tourism. On the other hand, it did need a bit of sprucing up and parts of it were a bit dead. The little campsite restaurant/cafe was friendly enough and the food was OK but lacked atmosphere. However, a much, much nicer venue than Bella Vista so we wouldn't rule out another visit out. An easy 9 nights but ready to move on. We could have done without the wind from storm Jorge. Two awnings nearby suffered.

A short dash cam. La Canada to Kiko Park.


  1. We regularly stahed at Kiko from 2007 to 2017 before they 'did it up. It was a great site...We stayed recently to catch up with friends wintering there and were so disappointed! The large vans really block out the light to pitches and seem to discourage that lovely friendly atmosphere. Glad you discovered local town, market and castle but I hope you also enjoyed the cycle paths north and south from site and the bus into Valencia. When we stayed in 2019 we only stayed 1 night so used the Kiko Aire. We now visit Valencia (our fav city) by staying just outside the city and cycling in.

  2. Hopefully another journey at another happier time in the future.