Friday, 13 September 2019

Maiden Voyage for a Neo. Italy France & Greece. Part 3

We made it safely to Mystra and were soon settled in at Castle View Camping. Just below the ancient city of Mystra. A nice site in the olive groves with a swimming pool and good restaurant.

Not a hugely busy site at this time of the year but it soon acquired a few more German and Dutch visitors mainly stopping for one night. We decided to stay two and visit Mystra again the next morning.

We enjoyed the pool, the restaurant and experienced our first Greek rainfall. A short sharp down pour which was quickly over. 

Having experienced Mystra before and knowing it was a long walk to the top of the hill, we got the site owner to get us a taxi.For the princely sum of 7 Euros we were soon whizzing up the hill to the top gate. Mystra is a very big, hot and dusty site and you really do need to be relatively fit to make the upper castle. Going up is hard work but coming down requires loads of concentration. We made it to the top and enjoyed the views it was well worth the hike.

One of the stony paths up hill.

At the top!

Fabulous views in every direction.

On the way up!

It was a very long day but we really enjoyed it. Although there were some coach parties it is such a big site you feel that you are on your own. Mystras is definitely a place to go for a brilliant day out. With wrinkly discount worth a princely 6 euros each.

We headed back into the village and found a very nice homely restaurant where we had a great meal.

Tomorrow. Back to the sea. Another coastal resort at Plaka near Leonidio.

Following an extremely challenging drive though the mountains, we eventually arrived on the coast. The drive from Sparta to Plaka on the coast took us literally over the mountains. How Den kept his nerve I don't know! It was extremely scary in places. The
tiny mountain villages we encountered were bad enough to drive through in a car, never mind a van! We should have switched the dash cam on!! We certainly put our auto gear box through it's paces and it coped well.

The cork screw road. We actually managed to get a picture of it. It looks as bad as it was.

Top of the mountain. We stopped for a breather after negotiating the mountain village of Kosmos. Not something we wanted to repeat. On the other side of the mountain we passed other campers and wondered how many people were actually stuck in a mountain villages for ever! If you managed to fit through the streets you then had to manoeuvre around tractors, people and parked cars.

By the time we had come down from the mountain to sea level we were relieved to find the campsite. We were soon set up and really deserved the cold beer.

Camping Semelie in the harbour village of Plaka by a pebbly beach.

Our very own ancient olive tree. Everything in Greece is "ancient".

Plaka harbour.Lots of boats come into moor at night and enjoy the restaurants and bars.

The campsite beach. Pretty deserted which was sad with temperatures in the thirties. No Brits! The campsite is excellent with good facilities and a lovely kitchen block for tenters with lots of individual little kitchens. We could have camped almost on the beach but with no shade, we went for the olive tree option instead.

Another lovely two days and off for a fish meal later. Lets hope the fish is fresh, but there seems to be loads in the sea so we should be OK. Lets hope his nets were full.

Our next destination Camping Kastraki in Ancient Asini near the town of Tolo just down from Nafplio. A good site well positioned by the sea. Almost empty when we arrived. The site facilities are basic but serviceable and the nearby town has loads of cafes, shops and restaurants.  We have had a great time trying out some local food and swimming in the sea which is beautifully warm but salty. The evening have had a lovely cooling sea breeze so it has been a good stop.

A nearly deserted campsite.

By the beach.

At he entrance to the site is the archaeological ruins of the old Asini castle. A fascinating place to look around with amazing views. You can climb right to the top of the mountain and there are a couple of exhibitions and information about the site.

There is also a pretty little church.

It has been incredibly hot here in Greece, so there are bans on any kind of BBQ as the winds are so strong. What a shame we will have to eat out again!

Our next stop will be Corinth and the chance to see a few more ruins. Can't wait! Then off to Delphi which we are really looking forward to.

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