Just Walking.

Although this blog is about 4 wheel camping, we do a bit of 2 leg walking as well! For those who may be interested this pages contains some of the walks we have done.

The Uphill Walks are a set of 10 walks from Uphill Marina and Campsite at Weston -Super-Mare. Lovely spot to start walking, with a handy cafe, picnic area and beach nearby. Easy parking with a public loo on the road by the marina.

Uphill Walk 5

A relatively easy walk to start with of around 4.5 miles. The only tricky bit was climbing the slope to Bleadon Hill, walking poles needed in the winter or after rain.

This was the hardest part of this walk uphill!

Lots of variety on this walk. Fields, tracks, lanes and hill! Finally a stiff climb to top it all, a climb to the beacon tower then the old St Nicholas Church.

Uphill Walk 7

A challenging walk this one, we managed to get lost! It should have been 6.5 miles, I think we managed around 7.5 miles, eventually flagged down a passing motorist for directions and they gave us a lift .....so only minor cheating! A few spots where the footpaths are totally overgrown especially the bit along the Axe River, we had to hike through a corn field and the bridge had disappeared. On Purn Hill, we went straight on over the top, when we should have gone on the bottom track, still you live and learn. Great fun though, we'll have to do it again. Braved the wild animals, donkeys, cows, horses and survived to tell the tale!  We really do need to brush up our map skills.

 On the beach at Uphill, a lovely start to the day!

Purn Hill, we were doing so well until we got here.

Oh and a certain person forgot the camera! These were taken with the smart phone.

Uphill Walk 7 (Revisited)

Well having done this walk last week and going completely wrong we decided to do it again properly. Looking at the map we decided to avoid the section through the cornfield and trip along the road instead, a good decision! For more details read the blog page of the same name!

Sand Point Circular Coastal Walk

Another lovely walk on a beautiful January day. Read the latest blog.

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